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One of the things that makes the program over the top is that YOU are behind it

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From: On Behalf Of Terri Levine
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 3:01 PM
To: Michael Senoff
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Hi Michael,

I know I have to be one of your many success stories. I have followed your audio series for years learning from those you interviewed and discovered a gold-mine of information. I was a very successful business COACH and then you sent me information about becoming a successful business consultant.

This completely resonated with me. First I took the free test drive and almost instantly bought the entire program. I have been asked why a person who makes millions coaching would invest in your program and my answer is simple: when I find a resource that is top notch I invest in in fully. The investment was beyond reasonable and the information was valued at thousands more to me. In fact, it has put about $300,000 in my pocket in the past few months.

One of the things that makes the program over the top is that YOU are behind it. YOU are credible, trustworthy, honest and answer all my emails and respond quickly.

Simply put, I love doing business with you. I trust you 100% and refer others to you knowing you'll take great care of them as well.

I hardly ever endorse products or people and yet constantly rave about YOU and your HMA system. I have never seen or downloaded so much wonderful content that I can take and apply in a nano second. I open your emails first anxious to hear another great interview and to put what I learn to work to make me more dollars. I am blessed that you so freely share. You are a skilled interviewer!

Whatever you offer I buy it. LOL, last week I bought something twice, as you quickly pointed out and refunded me. I am such a fan I can't stop buying from you. Your HMA system is brilliant and lets me simply follow a proven formula and make more money. I love this!

Michael, I am a devoted raving fan and you'll be hard pressed to find another one who shares you on social media, in my blog and by word of mouth.

Hats off to Michael Senoff!

Your loyal and raving fan, Terri Levine.

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