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21 times return on investment

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From: Mike A 
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2012 8:26 AM
To: Michael Senoff
Subject: When can I have my stuff mailed?

Hi Michael,

I'm writing this for two reasons.

First, to waive my trial and ask that you forward on any materials being held back because of the trial.

I'm convinced that the HMA system is everything you say it is.

I'm on my second on-line training DVD, my graphic artist and IT guy are feverishly adding content to our web site, and I'm enjoying all the brain food you have supplied.

As incredible as it may sound, I've done two telephone consultations since getting the materials and there's little doubt in my mind that both will close. When they do it will mean a 21 times return on investment.

More importantly, I feel revitalized. What is working most for me is the addition of a "framework". As stated in my original email to you, I am not a newbie. But adding context and an organized framework to what I do know is like adding a supercharger to an already powerful engine.

I should add that having 20 years experience in the Jay Abraham mindset is obviously helpful. But what Richard has done with this material in terms of presentation and organization is nothing short of miraculous.

Of course, none of this would have happened without your brilliant, spot-on marketing abilities. (And all those Senoff add-ons). You sir are an interesting man.

And I thank you for bringing this material to my attention.

Thanks again Michael, Mike A..

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