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I ended 2012 with $211,234 on the books with a 74% net profit

From: Brad G
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 9:31 PM
To: Michael Senoff


I know I am writing you out of the blue but I can't keep this to myself anymore. One of my favorite quotes from the legendary Zig Ziglar told me that "If you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want." I thought you would want to know this.

In 2011, I left a Fortune 50 marketing company to start my own consulting company. I had put in a long and award winning 5 years with them but I just felt something was missing.

My wife was pregnant at the time and I was not allowed to do business with any of my clients through the employer once I left. Needless to say I was scared to death. I was 30 years old.

Much to the chagrin of my parents and the doubts I received from my employer and friends I decided it was time to put all my chips in if I ever wanted to share my knowledge and be handsomely rewarded.

I had already embraced Jay Abraham and his philosophies and I saw that businesses in my area really needed my help over and above the institution advertising recommendations I was being paid to embrace.

The first year was a learning curve. I operated solely on the cash I had established in a "rainy day fund" from 2010 It seemed like it rained everyday. Peddling for projects, establishing credibility, selling the invisible, and penetrating a market known for its armies of media reps and internet marketers; an unknown entity didn't stand a chance.

I even dropped health coverage for myself and and placed my wife on COBRA to handle the new baby bill. This eliminated an extra $312 a month from expenses. Every dollar was treated with utmost respect and care. I rearranged my auto insurance taking on higher risk.

I ate in- ALL THE TIME. I would forgo invites to entertainment functions. This may sound more like a Dave Ramsey promo but the point is I scraped and guarded every dollar to make this thing work.

Oh, did I mention I built a new house in 2009 with a fresh 30 year mortgage note over $1,000 a month and a wife who couldn't work because she was pregnant.

My wife was freaking out. She was self-employed too. The baby was due in 3 months and added stress was not something the Dr would recommend. My tax return for 2011 was a paltry $21,300. $15K of it was mine from my "rainy day fund" otherwise known as cashed out stocks.

Fast forward to 2011 as I continued to develop my niche in the market. The niche rested completely on Jay's principles. Get all you can out of what you've got.

I was selling lean marketing and sales systems to businesses who were frustrated with spending money on advertising that wasn't producing the results. But, I had no system.

I was no McDonald's. All of my hamburgers tasted different to each client. Motivated to create a real entity I studied Lean Six Sigma to hopefully ascertain associative thinking and bring it to the marketing and sales world. Because a wise man once told me "people who don't understand seldom act." I needed a system.

As my income continued to increase slowly by the month I was determined to find my system that fit my beliefs, philosophies, and passion. That system was the HMA marketing consultant system.

Michael, I can not recall how I came across you. Perhaps it started with an interview or too. I was soaking up every real deal successful person I could soak up looking for the magic answers. I was intrigued.

I first took a look at the HMA system with hesitation. That was quite a bit of money to fork over for me at the time. I tried finding it online for free. I tried scouring E-bay for someone's copy they let collect dust but this always led to an incomplete set and what if the one thing I needed to make the system clear in my head wasn't available on the marketing black-market?

I looked at it again and again and again. I probably looked at the offer over a dozen times. Then, I reached out to you and started the process. Guess what, I didn't finish. You even sent me an e-mail asking if I needed more time to fill out the questionnaire. I never responded. Embarrassment set in.

About 3 weeks after that exchange I found another gentleman who said he would go half with me as long as he had access to the system as well as he thought there may be a use for him.

Well, statistically 90% of self-help books and business books that are purchased are never read. Thank god for the lazy friend. He looked at it once. I am still using it today.

Michael, you deserve to know this. I have created income 10x's the amount than my first year. This is no joke. I ended 2012 with $211,234 on the books with a 74% net profit. All from paying clients.

As a side note: I went off the system a little and created retainer based relationships with all my clients with the average client paying $2,800 a month. I like the idea of consistent revenue stream versus project based but that's just my opinion. My wife is happy.

We have more time together and I'm living my dream. I'm not conquering the world by any means but I'm sure conquering living happily. I give much credit to the HMA marketing system you provide.

I can not begin to tell how this system fit like a glove and was the magic answer I was looking for. I can not thank you enough and I am ashamed that I'm just now getting around to telling you this but I recently read an e-mail where someone else had shared their success and I wanted you to know there are more of us out there. Nothing fancy here.

Not trying to razzle dazzle you or get a response. I just wanted you to know I am going to bed and I won't be losing sleep over you anymore.

Best, Brad

PS. Thank you for what you do. I didn't go back and edit this email, This is raw from the brain to the screen. Which means it's right from the heart. Thanks man.

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