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25 Years Of Marketing Consulting Experience Bottled Into 54 minutes.

This is one of my favorite interviews.   You’ll hear from a 25-year sales and marketing veteran named Richard who also happens to be the inspiration of the HMA Marketing Consulting System.

As soon as I met Richard, I knew the wealth of information he held was different than anything I’d heard before. And after you listen to this audio, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

The best thing about Richard is: he’s never stingy with information. He shares knowledge that most marketing consultants would keep under lock and key.

So what you are about to hear is a detailed interview full of useful tips, techniques and secrets that were collected for more than 25 years.

Here are just a few of the topics discussed…

  • What kinds of businesses are the easiest to close deals with.
  • What exactly to say when cold calling that will pique interest, qualify prospects and save you time.
  • How to form and use alliances to promote your consulting business — without ever touching your wallet.
  • What the number one killer of the consulting business is — and how avoiding it can make you thousands of dollars every year.
  • The steps you should take in the first 30 days as a consultant to successfully launch your career with no money at all.
  • The problems with contingency agreements and why you should always charge a fee upfront.
  • And much, much more.

A little bit about Richard…

Back in 1990, Richard was one of Jay Abraham’s protégés. And since then, he’s taken that experience and expanded on it to form a consulting system that works for everyone – even people with NO money or experience. You see, his system approaches consulting from a different angle, using practical methods and step-by-step modules.

So before you jump into the field of marketing consulting or coaching, you’ll want to listen to this audio at least twice because it will arm you with a complete plan for success.  Now let’s get going.

Audio Recordings…

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