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$300,000 In Consulting Fees In Just 18 Months . . .

18 short months ago, Sam was $70,000 in debt. He’d suffered through so many failed business opportunities that he says he couldn’t even talk to his friends and family anymore because he’d “exhausted all his good will.”

Then he took the blue slide and invested in the HMA Marketing Consulting System and has made $330,000 since. He’s paid off his debt, can talk to his friends and family again, and just got back from a month-long trip to Costa Rica.

He’s living the successful HMA life. But according to Sam, the best part about it isn’t what he’s doing for himself – it’s what he’s been able to do for his clients.

When he got back from his vacation, one of his HMA clients threw him a surprise thank-you party (complete with confetti, a cake, and all her family members) because Sam helped her go from being a struggling small business owner barely bringing in $2,000 a week to suddenly making $9,000 a week, easy.

And in this audio, you’ll hear how he’s been making it all happen.

You’ll Also Hear:

  • 5 quick-start steps for landing 20 appointments a week using nothing but cold calls – finding a list, getting in the right mindset, knowing the real purpose of your call, determining how many prospects to contact a day, and a word-for-word look at the phone script Sam uses.
  • The incredibly effective (and maybe even sneaky) way Sam gets gatekeepers to send him through to the decision maker almost every time.
  • The one thing you should never say when you’re on the phone with a prospect.
  • A step-by-step look at how Sam seals his deals – and the one best trick he learned from negotiating expert Jim Camp that he says helps him do it.
  • How to posture yourself in the initial meeting with a prospect – and all about Sam’s “why me, why now” approach that he says is the one thing you should always do before the opportunity analysis.
  • “Real-life” insight into growing and managing your HMA practice – how many clients Sam says he comfortably handles at one time, why he only concentrates on the Core Four, and the timeline he gives his clients.
  • The biggest future goal Sam has for his consulting practice that will make him even more money (with much less time and effort) down the road.

There’s no doubt – marketing can have a life-changing effect on a business, especially in today’s economy.

That’s why Sam says he never tries to sell prospects on his consulting; he just sells them on their transformation.

So whether you’re a new consultant or a seasoned vet, this audio is full of innovative tips and tricks that will help you transform every business – including your own.

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