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Immunize yourself from difficult economic times by having a strong referral system in place. The top sales producers, in any industry, get most of their income through referrals. Most struggle with traditional methods like direct mail, advertising, or cold calling. But a top earner with a strong referral process doesn’t have to worry during difficult economies.

Referral marketing is the most powerful, cost-effective, targeted marketing you can do. And it’s easier to do than you think. Who can benefit from an effective referral marketing system? Any HMA consultant, people in financial services, real estate professionals and investors, services industries, auto sales, any relationship marketing industry, and even part-time home businesses.

In just a few minutes you’ll meet Paul, the referral marketing expert. Paul is a sales industry veteran of 28 years. Like everyone else, he learned traditional referral training that didn’t work. He had the same poor results everyone else had.

Paul searched for, found, and interviewed 48 sales superstars in a variety of industries. His ‘superstar’ criteria included earning a million dollars or more annual income, at least 50% of their business is from referrals, and they must be in a relationship-driven industry. Paul took the best strategies used in real world selling and created his referral marketing system.

Not only did he create the system but he uses it to help people in their businesses by referral only of course! You’ll hear several case studies in this training.

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01 – Case Study #1

You’ll hear about Andrew, a management consultant for 13 years. Andrew has tripled his income to $200,000 per year. No more spending on direct mail. And almost 60% of his business is now referral-based.


02 – Case Study #2

Laurie was green as grass. Right out of college and selling high-end copiers. She was struggling and sitting right at the bottom of the sales team. 4 months later Laurie found herself #3 on the sales team. All of her business is from referrals.

In this 80-minute audio mini-seminar you’ll discover:

* How to immediately increase your profits by creating a flood of new referrals for your service or business.

* How to turn that flood into a steady, ever growing stream of referrals and business.

* How to create a new business without spending a dime on advertising.

* Eliminate the fear of looking desperate by asking for referrals. Using Paul’s system no one will ever think negatively about being asked for referrals.

* The truth about experts and why you don’t have to know everything in your field to be an expert.

* A Step by step system for getting referrals. What to do, what to say, why you do it, and why it works.

* A whole new perspective and approach to networking. It’s nothing like what you’ve learned about traditional ways to get referrals.

* How to contact previous clients to put them in your referral system. They’ll never question a thing about it. It’ll be natural and seamless.

* How to use the foundation principle of the referral system to dramatically boost referral rates. Proven to work again and again with Paul’s coaching clients.

* Why traditional referral marketing only condemns sales people to mediocre results or failure.

* A process that gets the very best referrals from clients. Your bottom line will take-off when you’re getting high-quality referrals.

* How to effortlessly eliminate any reluctance to give you referrals. There’s absolutely no trickery involved. Your clients will expect to help you and want to do it.

* How to know what kind of referrals you’re getting and what to do with each kind of referral.

* How to almost guarantee getting heard from a hot referral.

* How to increase your chances of getting a meeting by 90%.

* How to increase your chances for a meeting by 99%. And you don’t have to sell them on doing it. But use this only for the hottest prospects.


03 – Case Study #3

Stuart had been a realtor for 4 years when he contacted Paul. He was closing 1 house a month and made $50,000 but now he has closed 30 deals so far and is on track to triple his income to $150,000.


04 – Case Study #4

Andrea sells cosmetics through home parties on a part-time basis. Her best month was $800. 5 months later, she experienced almost a 500% increase in sales. She sold $3000 last month.

The results of these case studies are no accident.

They simply put a process into place and worked it. A complete, step-by-step system for getting referrals over and over. Once you have your own system in place you’ll never have to fear a weak economy again. Now get going and enjoy.

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