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How To Close Clients On Your Very First Meeting Every Time . . .

Ken Ellsworth is an expert in hidden persuasion sales techniques, a master at detecting people’s psychological motivation for buying a product or service. And in this interview, he tells you how to use the underlying psychological needs to create potent sales messages that appeal to the target and produce customers. I guarantee that you will be as amazed by the power of subtle sales messages as I was.

Discover how Ken’s experience as a prison guard, stockbroker, hypno-therapist, and keen observer of human behavior helped him unlock the secrets of unconscious decision-making strategies. Ken discovered that a prospect is like a safe: to unlock the sale, you have to know not just the numbers but also their order, their importance.

These proven techniques sound like magic, but they actually work: many of Ken’s clients have gone from the bottom rung of sales in their offices to the top in only a month! Some have increased sales five-fold. Learn how you, too, can uncover and capitalize upon the unconscious decision making process we all use.

You will learn out how to:

  • Tap into peoples natural decision making process by eliciting step-by-step psychological, decision-making strategies
  • Establish rapport instantly with customers by matching and mirroring their gestures, language, tonality, even their breathing patterns
  • Avoid the biggest mistake salesmen make when they use their own unconscious strategy instead of that of the customers
  • Determine and employ the prospect’s code words, their precise, personal meaning, and most importantly, their priority
  • Refine code words into emotionally charged hot buttons and covertly incorporate them in your opportunity analysis to create motivational keys
  • Cut down the sales cycle dramatically by focusing on your client’s subtle cues
  • And much, much more!

Once you’ve learned to map their unconscious, you can throw away your scripts and traditional selling closes.

All your reasons for buying scripts become unnecessary and obsolete.

Listen and learn how you can tap the power of the unconscious. I dig deep trying to get as much step by step information from him for you to try his method in your consulting practice without having to buy his course.

So get ready, this is something, that you’ll want try at once in your next opportunity analysis.

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