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I have 8 other chamber events either planned or scheduled for last August or early fall

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Thursday, July 28, 2011 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: Hidden Marketing Assets Seminar Announcement
To: Micheal Senoff


We had 14 people from a variety of businesses. Very well received…in fact the Executive Director sent me a glowing testimonial. I’ll send it in a separate email. She wants to run another session in the fall.

My approach, in 30 years, has always been to give them material and usually more that we can use during a session, much like your approach with Hard to Find Seminars.

I really believe it shows them the huge gap between where they are and where they want to be. I have several follow-ups for the Marketing Opportunity Analysis.

The Executive Director wants to run another session in the fall.

I have 8 other chamber events either planned or scheduled for last August or early fall.

There are also discussions now with 5 other chambers. I also have lists of other chambers to contact. My concern is what if I get into an area outside of Western New York where you may have an active HMA consultant?

What has been helpful with the chambers in WNY is the fact that I am the only authorized and licensed consultant in this area. That takes the monkey of their back of using their members for marketing sessions. Thanks for that Mike.

The deal is that I get the first $500 from participants…most will charge $25, so 20 participants makes that work….anything over 20 participants we split 50/50.

I put together a one page graphic of the system. It is a little different than the order of topics in the “9 Steps.” For instance, I do a separate module on compelling messages because I believe it effects the USP, community marketing, direct-response marketing, and internet marketing. I’ll send that along to you too. (funny…I just got a call to do a Marketing Opportunity Analysis next week Tuesday)

Thanks for your interest Michael!

Make it a great day!


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