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I love being an HMA consultant

—–Original Message—–
From: Jamie
To: Michael Senoff

Hi Michael,

I’m doing real well, thank you. I’ve only signed up the one (solar company) customer, and got their check last week. I still have the wireless store promising to go ahead in the next couple of weeks. I’ve done 4 other Opportunity Analyses and am only hoping for one out of those.

I am scheduled to speak at a couple of Rotary meetings, a SCORE workshop, a local radio show, and a locally run Web TV show. Also, I converted the virtual office center I was managing into a “Small Business Incubator” called the Business Excellence Center. That and that got me some good press and I was appointed onto the local Economic Development Board. Which will help my “obvious expert” plans!!!

I am also trying to hire a tele-sales rep to book appointments and a “Cash-Cow style seminar for late September.

That was a great call and I had just picked up my first consulting check for $2500 on the same day. I’m sort of glad it is slow and a lot of business owners are busy here with the summer season. It is really giving me the breathing room and prep time to start properly and professionally.

PS: You guys really have the training and knowledge base (expert interviews) down pat. I haven’t had any questions that I haven’t been able to find answers to on the site. I was having a hard time coming up with a question for Richard!!!

My ground swell is definitely building and I am looking to really kick butt in the fall! My goal is 4 clients for September, and 20 people at my web seminar.

I love being an HMA consultant.

Thanks again, Jamie.

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