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I realized I started to see the business world through the eyes of an HMA Consultant

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From: Hagen
To: Michael Senoff

When I started to study the HMA System in April 2010 I was not really new to the marketing world.

For the best of 22 years I was working my butt off to somehow figure out how to make a good living in the field of advertising, sales and marketing.

I had good times and bad times – but the bad times have been longer.

Whatever I did, I was always starting somewhere at zero, building something up and then had to leave the field without getting a fair share or even a credit for my good work.

I learned that many business owners very much like the concept of using a highly motivated consultant for the growth of their company, collecting the Doug and then fire the poor guy, not seldom with a bunch of open bills to pay.

But what could I do about this sad experience?

The HMA System did offer a proven, SYSTEMATIC way for Marketing Consultants to formulate, present, offer and render a good service for small businesses without the need to always start with nothing, build insight into the mechanics of a company the hard way and without getting paid well for the work.

What else to do but give the system a try?

Here I was at the HMA University, faced with more writings, audios, videos and worksheets than I could possibly go through within the next couple of months.

That was stuff for a couple of years!

The other day Michael Senoff did send a welcome letter to the HMA University containing a clear set of rules on how to actually start the studies for maximum real world results in minimum time.

Boy was I lucky!

I could climb the mountain step by step without getting lost on the way!

In the beginning it was kind of a challenge for me to translate the ideas and concepts of the HMA System into the German language, so that I could make use of the system in Germany.

But soon I realized I started to see the business world through the eyes of an HMA Consultant!

Opportunities all over the place!

Even more than I have ever realized before!

So why not start USING the system before it collects dust?

On my travels I met a guy who was deep into health and nutrition stuff but was not happy with the development of his company.

Time for the first test!

The Opportunity Analysis Sheet of the HMA System took every guesswork of my shoulders regards to what may be important to know about the business I was interviewing. I used it to the point and I did not miss a single point of importance by doing so.

Have I wasted time in the past on developing an exclusive set of questions to ask every client before!

Well, just use the OAS of the HMA System and you’re settled!

The OAS showed so many possibilities for the health guy to grow his company, we ended up in a partnership where I do deliver my knowledge from the HMA System for a 1/3 share of the profits of the company from day 1 working with every new concept, strategy, and method of the HMA System.

What a GREAT deal! And how happy was the Health & Nutrition Company to have someone aboard to implement the tools of growth for a company. They may be hooked for life!

Just a couple of weeks later I met a guy who had his own business when he was a student at some university going for some silly diploma.

He left his studies and worked in a lousy job he didn’t liked and was full of ideas about how to start a new business again to get rid of the job.

I thought, “Why not test the HMA System for a situation like this?”

He did pay me 714 Euro in advance for a strategy day to figure out which of his ideas had the best potential for realization.

We ended up in a partnership of 50/50, where he is going to run the day to day operations of the business with me delivering the steps of the HMA System. What a nice deal!

“There’s something about this HMA System thing” I figured. What I just learned with my latest 2 clients could be very well kind of my personal slant of the HMA System:

Getting paid for an initial HMA consultation and then getting shares in the business!

At a business network meeting in Berlin I met a VERY talented BRILLIANT young woman with great AMBITION. I gave her a presentation of my work.

Again, she paid 714 Euro in advance for a strategy day and we ended up in a 50/50 business relation, where she is going to run the day to day operations of the business with me delivering the steps of the HMA System.

I just ordered a hard copy of the HMA System so that I do have that stuff handy as a reference.

Michael, keep up the great work and thank you again!


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