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Bring It On: Dave Flannery Reveals All.

With 17 clients and a long waiting list, Dave Flannery is one of the best. And while most HMA consultants only dream about such success, Rob Hentschel went one step further — he asked if he could grill Dave on every last detail of every last accomplishment. Well, it never hurts to ask because Dave’s response was, “Bring it on.”

This is that interview.

So in the next two hours you’ll hear it all — from the hours Dave keeps to how he comes up with his winning USPs. If you’re the least bit hungry for business, you won’t want to miss this interview because it’s packed with proven techniques that seem to work too well – Dave’s almost busier than he can handle and so are his clients!

Here are just a few of the secrets Dave reveals in this interview:

  • The exact USPs he came up with for his top three clients, how he came up with them and how he integrated them to receive amazing results.

  • Why he relies heavily on customer research and the best ways he knows to conduct it.

  • His entire strategy for persuading businesses to do joint ventures with him and how he uses those JVs to land clients fast and easily.

  • How he turns “order takers” into successful salespeople – without incentives!

  • Why he dumped two clients after receiving the results of their customer research.

  • Why you should never make every letter a sales letter and what you should do instead.

  • How he went into his region’s largest newspaper and struck up a deal to write the business column there.

  • And much, much more!

Dave’s having a really good year. He expects to make about $750,000. But he also points out that the consulting business is a marathon and not a sprint. He may have had a really good start, but like everyone else, he’s still learning how to pace himself for the long run.

Dave is great at using stories and analogies to illustrate his points, and that’s what makes this intensely informative interview also fun and easy to listen to. And because he never holds anything back, I’m sure you’ll get a lot from it. Enjoy.

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