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You’re going to like this recording. We had hundreds of questions come into Richard about the HMA system and about the marketing consulting business. Here is Richard the founder of the HMA system fielding some tough questions from expert marketing consultants and students from all over the world. It’s 59 minutes long and is pure Q&A style. The two winners of the $500 Gift offer will be announced shortly.

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Here is an interview with Bill Bodri on a subject you will not find much information about. It’s on creative thinking and brain storming. This information if used properly will increase your value as a marketing consultant in a big way.

But first, I want to tell you a little bit about Bill’s background. Bill is an expert in marketing, creativity, innovation, and peak human performance with wide international experience in a variety of fields.

Bill holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering, an MBA from Cornell University, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. His background before becoming a private consultant includes positions as a management for Booz Allen and Hamilton, engineer for Eastman Kodak and IBM, investment strategist for Citibank Asia, director of research for various Wall Street firms, and direct investment specialist for Hong Kong and China.

Bill, now living and working between New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai on a variety of exciting projects, has written a number of management marketing and mind training books including Kuan Tzu’s Supreme Secret for the Global CEO, How to Write a Million Dollar USP and a variety of health, peak performance and business efficiency, and mental training e-books.

In this next recording on creativity and brainstorming, you’re going to learn a lot of practical advice that you can use in your consulting business. This recording is about sixty minutes. It’s in two parts, broken down to thirty minutes each. Enjoy!


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