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Below you’ll find links to your Audio Marketing Secrets System.

This product contains everything I know about how to use audio interviews to sell, make products, convert sales and to build trust. It’s some of the most intense “insider” secrets ever published on audio marketing.

I’ve also included twenty of my very best one-on-one consultations related to interviewing and creating audio related information products.

Audio Marketing Secrets will work for you if you put in the effort, believe in yourself and take action.

I highly recommend listening to the audio clips below in the order in which they are listed.

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Audio Marketing System Product Creation Interviews and Consultations

I‘ve searched my archives for my most powerful audio consultation on the subject of information product development. Each of these consultations are packed with money making ideas and specific examples of how you can take your ideas and developed them into a powerful, high profit selling information products.

01 – Audio Marketing Secrets

This product contain everything I know about how to use audio interviews to sell, make products, convert sales and to build trust. It’s some of the most intense “insider” secrets ever published on audio marketing. Read More

02 – Special Bonus Teleseminar Exclusively For Audio Marketing Secrets Students

I make my full time living off of audio interviews. I am not good at much of anything else, but it’s the one subject I consider myself an expert at. So when I asked my list if there was anything they wanted to know about how I do it, I was flooded with responses. In fact, I received more than 250 of them. So I sorted through the replies– got rid of all the duplicates, categorized the questions, and compiled the best of the bunch. And here they are. All 86 of them. Read More

03 -The Simple Yet Little-Known Secrets For Creating Your Own Best-Selling Information Product

Beth may not realize this and I am not doctor, but she is in my opinion borderline OCD. Here is the story. Beth currently works as a bookkeeper for a school system in Georgia. Her personal goal is to have her own business and to work from home. Not only does she like to be extremely busy, but she had two children who will be going off to college soon and would like her business to generate the income that she would need to live the lifestyle of her dreams.  Read More

04 – How To Shift Your Strategy To Explode Your Information Product Sales

Peter is an internet marketer in Australia. He has created a membership site with about seven interviews with Australia’s top marketing experts. His results have been disappointing so he contacted me for advice about how to improve both his web site’s promotion as well as his sales promotion.  Read More

05 – How To Use Ebooks To Find Great Ideas For Your Own Information Product

Here’s a special recording for my AMS customers. It’s an interview with my friend, Luis Arauz, about how to create a ebooks. Eventhough I advice agaist selling e-books, you’ll find this interview extremely helpful for research and coming up with killer ideas for information products. Although this particular recording pertains to ebooks, the incredible tools that Luis reveals pertain perfectly to audio information products as well as ebooks.  Read More

06 – The Story Of A Love Guru Who Uses Audio To Find Mr Right

This is a consultation I did with a woman named Mary Blair. Three years ago, Mary put a website together just for fun that was supposed to help her find Mr. Right. The site became an instant success, and before she knew it, she was doing 3-4 interviews a day with the media.  Read More

07 – How To Choose The Right Product To Market

This is a consultation I did with a gentleman named Ian from the UK who is a buyer of my Audio Marketing Secrets course. He says that he has a bit of difficulty coming up with the best topics for information products and wanted my advice.  Read More

08 – How To Get Audio On Your Website And In Your Emails With The Use Of A Telephone

This is by far the easiest way to get audio on to your web site. I use it all the time and can’t tell you enough what a time saver this instant audio has been for me. If you can use a phone, you can use the software. Below are a series of audio recording with the founder and CEO of this wonderful service. Read More

09 – Edit, Record, Encode, and Master Nearly Any Form of Digital Audio

Here is the only tool I use to edit my audio recordings and interviews. It’s called GoldWave. It’s a top rated, professional digital audio editor. It contains so many great features, you will be amazed by all the things it can do: Play, edit, mix, and analyze audio Apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, flanger, digitally remaster and restore old recordings with noise reduction and pop/click filters Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc. through your computer’s line-in Record dictation through a microphone or play dictation back at a slower speed for transcription. Read More

10 – How To Record And Publish Audio Content For Your Web Site

Here’s an audio lesson and interviews on how to record and publish web audio. In this recording, I’ll explain exactly how you can create audio files for your own web site: Read More

11 – The Red Hat Lady Story

If you haven’t heard of the Red Hat Society yet, you most certainly will – and not just from this recording! The Red Hat Society is an organization of women who believe that there is fun after the 50 and that silliness is the comedy relief of life. There are currently over 800,000 members, and that number is growing rapidly. Read More

12 – Consult With Cory A Glass Blowers Information Product Seller

Here’s a short consultation that I did with a gentleman named Cory. Cory currently sells two different information products over the Internet. He purchased my Audio Marketing System hoping that it would give him the solutions he needs to take his business to the next level. Although Cory’s two products are selling well, he wants to begin to create products that will give him profits of $100,000 or more per year.  Read More

13 – An Idea Better Than Barbeque Baby Back Ribs

Like so many of my other listeners, Curtis was interested in the Allen Miller interview about making a great business out of buying and selling old trailer homes. Unfortunately, Allen never did create an information product about the trailer home opportunity. However, I advise Curtis that I have found an information course on the exact same business that he could obtain from me.  Read More

14 – How To Turn A Bum Opportunity Into A Money Maker Using The Power Of Voice

Nido bought into a business opportunity with a company named Coastal Vacations and called me for advice about how to market his product. Coastal Vacations can be an MLM, but Nido paid $1,300 to become a distributor. He has the rights to sell vacations certificates for $6.95 a piece. Read More

15 – Singing Your Way To The Bank Marketing Advice For a Voice Coach

Rufina James knew her niche. She’s been a singer and a voice coach for most of her life. But, when a car accident caused her to lose her singing voice, she had to try a different breathing technique in order to get her voice back. It came back even stronger than before. Impressed with the technique, she’s decided to run workshops in this voice training. But, she’s not sure the best ways to market it. She’s run into a lot of skepticism when she tries to explain this new method. And, she’s not sure who her market base is or how much she should charge. Read More

16 – How To Win At Online Poker Information Product Consult

Do you consider yourself lucky at playing cards? Well, whether you do or not, I know that you’ll get a kick out of this interview I did with a gentleman named Drew. Drew is a very experienced player of online Texas Holdem Poker games. Texas Holdem Poker is extremely popular all over the world and there are many gambling web sites that host games where you can win (or lose) real money. All you need to play is a computer with Internet access and a valid credit card. Read More

17 – Shez Got The Moves

Many people would say that horses are one of the most passionate subjects in the world. Just the way they move is breathtaking. Horses have been very important to people for hundreds of years. In earlier times, horses were the major mode of transportation as well as the most important piece of livestock that a farmer depended upon for the success of his crops.  Read More

18 – Audio Marketing Consult With Octavio From Chile

This is a consultation that I did with a gentleman named Octavio from the country of Chile who recently purchased my Audio Marketing Secrets course. He currently has a corporate gift business. However, because there is a lot of competition in the corporate gift business in Chile and the margins are decreasing, Octavio contacted me for advice on what other types of businesses to get into as well as ideas about topics for an Information Product – something that would yield higher returns for him. Read More

19 – How To Pick A Niche And Find A Market: An AMS Consultation

Damian wants to put together audio products but hasn’t decided on a niche yet. He really likes the sales-coaching market but knows that sales managers don’t really spend a lot of money on their educational products.  Read More

20 – A Motivational Writer Learns How To Promote His Book With Audio

About eight years ago, Andrew was hit by a car and nearly died. After he woke from his coma, he had to learn to walk and talk again. Recently, he wrote a motivational book about the accident and how anyone can overcome anything in life if they just believe and try. Read More

21 – A Jam Packed Audio Marketing Consult With Kathy From Canada

Kathy had been wanting to create audio information products on the subject of internal cleansing and detoxification of the body to improve health for many years. Because of her dedication to the subject, you would certainly say that she was passionate about it! Read More

22 – How To Use Audio Interviews To Hook Prospects In And Leave Them Hungry For More

Mike Blossom makes a good living buying and selling land in the UK. He also sells products and seminars that teach others how to make those kinds of profitable deals. But his products aren’t doing as well as he’d like, so he’s come to me to learn more about the benefits of incorporating audio into his business.  Read More

23 – Automate Your Selling Using Audio CDs

In this short audio, you’ll meet Tony. Tony thought that face-to-face meetings were the best ways to generate leads. Of course, this meant he was chained to about an hour’s drive of his house. And the worst part was — once he’d finally get to the businesses in his area, he’d often find that the decision makers were busy, in a meeting or weren’t even there. So, his long drives were actually getting him nowhere.  Read More

24 – A Detailed Look Into The Marketing Mind Of Michael Senoff

You may have seen this interview on the first page of my site. But I have included it here for you the student of Audio Marketing Secrets. Why? Because this is the big picture and the strategy of my audio interview business. If you have not listened to this interview yet, do so at once.  Read More

25 – How To Market Your Private Practice Using Audio Interviews

Just about every business can benefit from audio marketing because the potential is practically endless. But unless you know how to do it right, you’re just going to be wasting your time and money. So in this interview you’ll meet Angela Treat Lyon. Angela is a teacher and practitioner of EFT, a therapeutic healing method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. She also hosts a radio program on And in this two-part audio, you’ll hear her interview me for that radio program.  Read More

26 – Use Digital Audio Interviews To Make a Fortune

I have created over 200 information products over the past five years including one that sells for $5,970. And I did it without being an expert on the subject or spending a lot of time and resources. Do you want to know how I make a full time living year after year? Well, here’s your chance to find out for free.  Read More

27 – How To Make Your Audio Interviews Timeless Without Spending A Lot Of Time On Them

Nowadays it seems like everybody is concerned with time. That’s why I call it life’s biggest currency. And that’s also why I like working with audio. Audio interviews allow people to maximize their time because you can listen to them anywhere – outside, in the car, in the gym, anywhere. But making audios has also allowed me to free up my time as well. Read More

28 – I Didnt Know I Was Withholding These Secrets About Audio Marketing

Paul Stack is an Audio Marketing Secrets student who wanted to grill me on the finer points of creating audios, and I have to admit I was a little surprised. I thought I’d been asked every question about audio information products that could possibly be asked. But Paul came up with some new ones.  Read More

29 – How To Turn Your 28 Dollars Book Into A 3,900 Information Product

When it comes to doing audio interviews, I’m an expert. I don’t claim to be an authority on any other subject but that one. And with more than one hundred hours of audio on my site, you can probably tell I’ve been doing it for a while and that I enjoy it. Read More

30 – How I Make My Living Off Interviews Using A 49 Dollar Digital Voice Recorder

Actually, I use a little bit more than just the recorder, but the point is – putting together high-quality audios is easy and inexpensive. And in this interview I tell you exactly how I make them, how I capitalize on them – and how the whole thing got started in the first place.  Read More

31 – How To Have A Career From Your Kitchen Using Little More Than A Telephone And Your Voice

Raven Blair Davis hosts a radio show called Careers From The Kitchen Table that showcases practical home-based business opportunities for today’s economy. She recently discovered from her sister and wanted to interview me so her listeners could learn how audio interviews can help them make significant income from the comfort of their own home.  Read More

32 – How To Avoid The Orange and white Winnebago Of Life

My dad worked hard. He had two jobs, four kids to support and was during the week lost of the time traveling around the South in an orange Winnebago full of clothing samples. I knew at an early age that his kind of life wasn’t going to be mine. Now, I work from home doing something I love. The Internet has allowed me to leverage my time, set my own schedule and be with my family. And in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how I did it.  Read More

33 – Unknown Secrets About Michael Senoffs

Audio Marketing Secrets (AMS) student Charles wanted to use his consulting time to grill me on the lesser-known secrets of And he’s definitely done his research. He asks me questions I’ve never been asked before.  Read More