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01 – How To Make Your Money For Nothing By Working The Free Section Of Craigslist

After 20 years in the auto industry, my wife’s cousin lost his job, and (like many Americans right now) was having a hard time finding a new one. So, I decided to show him how to “hustle” on Craigslist. We brought up the free section and found something in our area right away. And in Part One of this seminar, you’ll hear how we made $540 for three hours of “work” that day. 

Not every deal is going to be that easy, and not every free item is going to be worth your time. But there are great deals to be made from the free section of Craigslist, and in this audio, you’ll hear how to spot the ones that are worth it, how to secure them so that the owner takes down their ad and only deals with you, and how to flip everything fast. You’ll also hear…

• The fastest way to determine an item’s real value – and a little story about the lesson I almost learned the hard way

• Key strategies for finding “distressed properties” on Craigslist – Sadly, many people bought expensive items when the economy was good and now have to sell those items for pennies on the dollar – here’s how to spot them on Craigslist

• The four “phrases that pay” for most Craigslist ads – include these and you’ll sell easier, faster, and more

• The easiest way to weed out the flakes you find on Craigslist, so you can get down to serious business

• How to combine garage sales with Craigslist for extra deals – and the one item to always keep your eye out for at garage sales because they sell on Craigslist fast, and go for practically nothing at garage sales

• The real difference between eBay and Craigslist

Part Two: How To Live Off Of Craigslist

I don’t need another main source of income, but you could easily focus on Craigslist full time and make a living off of it if you wanted to. And in Part Two, you’ll hear some of the creative ways to do that just by buying, selling, saving, and partnering… in your neighborhood and beyond. If you keep your eyes open for deals, you’ll find them, and in this audio you’ll hear some of the best ways including…

• The exact word-for-word ads I use to find cheap mechanics, tutors, computer geeks, interior designers, etc.

• The “no-sweat, no-brainer” way I saved $420 on car repairs – and had the mechanic come to me!

• 2 of the easiest sellers on Craigslist – and the best places to find these easy-to-turn-around items for cheap

• The little-known way to sell your consulting services on Craigslist

• The weird (but effective) lessons you can learn about Craigslist from the megahit show Storage Wars

• How to be safe when dealing with strangers on Craigslist

• My personal Craigslist horror story – or “why you need to make sure you have a good password for your account”

• The one $5 item you can buy at Home Depot that will instantly make most old, worn-out unsellable things look brand new again 

There are so many opportunities and strategies out there for making money off of Craigslist. You just need to keep your mind (and eyes) open for ideas and deals. And in this audio, you’ll hear everything you need to know to get started. Check back soon for my most recent Craig’s list buying and selling stories.


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