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02 – How To Make Money Painting Address Numbers On Curbs And Installing Doors Locks And Door Viewers

Here are two step-by-step recordings on how to make some fast money installing door viewers. The first is with a twenty-year-old named Frank. Frank asked for my best advice of exactly what to do to start making money installing door viewers. My advice to do this business is very different to how I operated my peephole business 15 years ago. Follow this new advice, get a used drill and a pocket full of door viewers and go out today to start making money selling door viewers, door knockers, door flashing, dead bolt locks and more inn your neighborhood. Just do it. Use this advice and let me know about your success.

The second recording contains me talking to one of my customers about his experience installing door viewers with his brother when he was a kid. This is great stuff if you need to come up with some fast cash. Here is a great example you can use to start your curb painting business.

It’s a flyer from a San Diego company paining address numbers on curbs. Download here. Download a sample flyer that I found on my door recently. This will give you another way to automate your sales. Download here. side note.

My 80 year old father took this flyer and altered it for painting mail boxes and was able to get a 10% response for painting mail box gigs at $20 a pop. You can be selling three to four services at the same time while working this plan.

Good luck. Here is another flyer that I found on my door and for $10 I ordered their address number painting service. Download PDF here.


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