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04 – How to Legally Slash Your Tax Bill To The Bone

There is no better and faster way to make more money then spending less money. After you watch this presentation below you’ll know how to stop over paying uncle Sam and learn how to keep more of your paycheck YES you CAN cut your taxes to the absolute legal limit with the information – and entirely legal including over looked deductions, write-offs, and tax strategies. It’s all here in the Tax Reduction Presentation.

The Presentation doesn’t just tell you how to prepare your tax return , it shows you how to cut your taxes to the bone – with step-by-step strategies and easy-to-folly directions. You’ll find out how to cut your taxes and keep more money in your paycheck each pay period by:

  • You’ll learn how to shift income and deductions and save a bundle

  • Learn how to utilizing college planning, mortgage and home equity tax loopholes

  • Capitalizing on IRAs, tax-deferred compounding, and Social Security

  • Choosing tax-advantaged investments

  • Getting tax breaks from your business or employer

Using perfectly legal reporting tricks on your next tax return

Let the 60 Minutes help you start making the tax-planning decisions that will put more of your hard-earned money in your pocket, not the government’s!

About the Author

Ed the tax man , is a licensed tax attorney. He began his career on the congressional staffs of Jack Kemp and Dick Cheney. As a member of the National Underwriter Company, he edited Tax Facts on Insurance and Employee Benefits and Tax Facts on Investments. Lyon has published articles on various aspects of financial-planning industries in numerous professional publications. He is an award-winning speaker who has developed and delivered seminars on tax and financial-planning issues to diverse audiences. Paying less taxed is more. Click the launch presentation button below.

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