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07 – How To Make 100 Today By Dinner Time Selling Police Pens

Learn how I have make a very good part-time income each year for the last ten years by selling pens.

One of the pens I make and sell is filled with invisible ink. This pen is used to effectively and safely write an owner’s identifying and contact information in case of theft. The market is huge. Crime is skyrocketing each year and the stolen property departments of police departments are filled with valuable property that cannot be returned to their owners because the owners cannot be identified or located. You can help fill this huge gap in the market by assembling this unique pen at home and selling it to all types of outlets, such as police departments and other government entities, convenience stores and department stores, etc.

The work is very easy and your hours are flexible. After you listen to these recording, there will be no question in your mind that if you are willing to make a few phone calls and read what to say, you can do this easy business.

The first recording is proof that you can do it. It’s me on the phone with a new distributor training him and showing him exactly how it’s done. You’ll hear us making real calls in real time. You’ll hear exactly what to say and how to say it. You’ll hear Wayne calling me back with excitement announcing his first two orders. If you want to learn about my unique crime-fighting pen.”

The next three part recording tells how I started in the pen business. This recording is 55 minutes. Click below to start listening to how I got into selling pens and what selling pens can do for your lifestyle today. 

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