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09 – Hear Exactly How I Made 1200 By Phone In One Hour

In this recording, you’ll hear me sell George on my consulting services by phone.

He’s in Canada, I am in California and we were able to do business all by phone. As you listen to this recording, ask your self what can you sell by phone to make $100 today before differ is ready.

George is the owner of a small tanning bed business. He called looking for some advice on how he could grow his business. Without knowing or promising anything, I invited George to talk in more detail about his goals. Listen in as I take George through the HMA Opportunity analysis in an effort to discover (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets. More importantly, listen to the willingness of George to grow his business. And finally, listen as George hires me to develop a USP for his business.

Developing the USP is the first recommended product we teach our HMA consultants to activate for clients. I am looking forward to working with George and to get his business hopping in the next few months. Download these two files. 1) Opportunity analysis worksheet and 2) the HMA opportunity analysis training.

Follow along as I walk George through each part of the analysis. And once you have a client, let me show you what to do with them by using Richard’s HMA System. This recording is 45 minutes. There are more recordings like this as


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