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11 – How To Make Fast Money Selling Information Products

You can have a very voluble information product by dinner tonight if you have a mouth and a phone and the ability to record a two way call. This is a consultation that I did with a lady named Sherda. It seems that Sherda’s dream to start an e-commerce site was shattered because the company that she hired for assistance not only did her many disservices, but cost her a great deal of money. At wits end, Sherda contacted me for advice. I was so touched by her plight that I agreed to do a one-hour consultation with her to talk about her current e-commerce site’s failure. We then talked at length about how to set up a successful business selling information products.

This consultation is a treasure for anyone who is in a quandary about how to get ideas for an information product and how to turns those ideas into a reality and a success. It all stems from identifying your “passion” and then implementing the ideas that I suggest to Sherda. The possibilities are endless! You will hear how a conversation starting out with a very discouraged Sherda turned into an exciting new adventure that she just couldn’t wait to begin! Michael: So, what I’m getting at if you’re going to sell something, I would really advise thinking about selling information.

The best business in the world, the best thing to sell is to sell information. Print out and read the transcripts To Read On To Claim $700 Worth Of World Class Pre Owned Marketing Books, CDs, Tapes Or Videos Absolutely

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