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12 – All About The Marketing Consulting Business

Do you have a passion for Marketing, dabble in it, but feel that you need a systemized approach in order to be successful? If so, you will really enjoy this consultation that I did with a gentleman named Matthew.

I describe Matthew as a life-long learner. An accountant by trade, Matthew knows that Marketing is his ultimate goal. He has even has realized what his niche market will be. He has studied all of the Marketing gurus and is very well-read in many areas. He already has three clients that he advises but feels that he needs a “system” that will help him to help his clients more and will give him the confidence to dive into his niche market.

When he found my sute and listened to several of the audio recordings available about the HMA System, Matthew had to know more. In this audio, you will hear Matthew’s personal and vocational history and I discover some of the opportunities that are sitting right under Matthew’s nose!

Subsequently, I answer Matthew’s questions about the resources and the support that he would receive from me if he chooses to become an HMA Consultant. Matthew takes the time to view what would become his personal selling machine – an Internet-based PowerPoint presentation that would be customized specifically for him. When Matthew sees all of the HMA resources, his reactions are priceless.

You will be a fly on the wall when you hear Matthew realize that the HMA System is the missing linkthat he has been searching for to fulfill his dream of becoming a Marketing consultant. Needless to say, we end the conversation with me welcoming Matthew to the team as our newest HMA Marketing Consultant

If you have looked into the HMA System and feel that you have some unanswered questions, I encourage you to listen to this consultation with Matthew. He’s a down to earth guy who probably had many of the same questions that you may have about becoming a Marketing consultant. In any case, it’s an enjoyable conversation that I know will enlighten you.

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