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14 – Make Fast Money In One Day

In the following two interviews, you’ll hear me explain to Mark how to make some fast money writing for other people. This is a consultation that I did with a gentleman named Mark who needed some advice in “kick starting” is copywriting business. This short recording is packed with great information for new and veteran copywriters! You may get some ideas for business avenues that you haven’t thought of before.

At the beginning of our conversation, Mark was mainly concerned about what the name of his copywriting business should be. His first thought was to use his surname. However, he believed that his surname might be too unusual for someone to pronounce. You’ll hear how we discuss sole proprietorships and the option of incorporating after getting started, obtaining customers, and making some money. Find out what Mark finally decides to use as his business name.

Listen as I give Mark an idea about obtaining copywriting work by researching Ebay. Look for closed auctions for big ticket items where the item did not sell. Look at the Ebay ad to see what could have made the item sell. Sometimes it is simply because there was no research done on the item and thus, there was not a good description of the item or its features.

Contact the seller by email and negotiate to re-write the ad and re-run the auction. If the item sells, you would get a negotiated percentage of the sales price. Of course, you would need an option agreement and some sort of non-disclosure agreement as well as software that would prohibit the seller from printing or copying your ad – but you’ll hear me explain the details of everything you would need to accomplish this. Listen as I give example of a generic email that could be modified for any auction and sent to sellers.

I advise Mark to research unsuccessful closed auctions for boats, houses, machinery, and other high priced items. And don’t just stay with Ebay. Look into the real estate market for beautiful homes that just aren’t selling. Most of the time, real estate ads just don’t do a good enough job of explaining the real advantages of owning that particular home. The very best way to advertise a home is to interview the current homeowner about the home itself, the neighborhood, the schools, etc. – important things that real families are interested in.

Listen to my own experience with using written copy in conjunction with audio for both a product and for real estate.

Mark certainly loved that idea and was going to start researching completed auctions for big ticket items on Ebay right away! The key is to identify poor ads for great products. You must also learn to negotiate well and then you will have a great niche market!

Near the end of this audio, listen as I describe a Bonus Resource on my web site, It’s more than 15 hours of copywriting audios from my best interviews with copywriting experts such as Brian Keith Voiles, Eugene Schwartz, and many others. This is a “must have” set of materials for both new and existing copywriters that will reveal copywriting secrets and make your business more successful. For details here is the link.

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