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15 – Fast Cash Selling Consulting Services


Meet David Flannery He wants to become the world’s number one HMA Consultant. David is from Ireland and he is 35 years old. David graduated with an MBA at the top of his class and has fifteen clients willing to pay close to $20,000 each for his consulting services. What’s so special about David? Is he some kind of fast cash superman? What separates him for you?

You’re about to find out in this first of several recordings. Dave has agreed to let me record and document his clime to the top of the HMA consulting world. This first part interview is all about how David got his first 25 appointments. And then you’ll hear exactly what he say’s to close three out of four prospects.

I hope you find this recording with David helpful. You can do what David had done. The only difference between him and you is what’s in your mind. It’s all about your belief in your self and execution. Go for it! I believe in you. These 25 appointments made Dave over over $50,000 in less them 10 days. He stands to make another $150,000 from future consulting fees. His results are not typical but are proof that they are obtainable if you have the ability to just do it.

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