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13 – The Secrets Millionaires Spill At A Jay Abraham Seminar

Sometime ago, while Glenn Osborn was at a $15,000 Jay Abraham seminar chock-full of successful marketing millionaires, he noticed a trend. Millionaire after millionaire would get up in front of the crowd and say things like, “Thank you, Jay, I just made 400 million by incorporating thank-you cards into my marketing.

Everyone would applaud, and the guy would sit back down. This happened time and time again, and drove Glenn crazy because Glenn wasn’t there to applaud – he was there to get information.

So while everyone else moved on with their day, Glenn would go to the back of the seminar and interview millionaires for specifics on the things they were bragging about – he wanted to know how they made that 400 million using thank-you cards, or how they got a 70% response rate after the fifth direct mailing. And they usually told him.

So in this four-part interview, you’ll hear all about t he secrets Glenn learned at those seminars along with more tips and tricks from this legend including sneaky ways you can incorporate NLP into your marketing, how to use your best clients as a “bank,” the only effective way to do telemarketing — and even how to do a handwriting analysis. Now let’s get started.

Part One:

$15,000 Seminar Seats And The Secrets Behind Them

Glenn sold seats at Jay Abraham seminars, and he was good at it. With his approach, he could sell seats to just about anyone because he realized prospects were already sold on the seminar; they just didn’t have the money to go. So he would look for ways to make them the money. And in Part One of this audio, you’ll not only hear how he did that, but you’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at the hidden secrets only the insiders at a Jay Abraham seminar know including…

• The one secret Jay Abraham said he would keep if he had to give away all of his marketing secrets… except for one
• How to barter your way into a $15,000 seminar – and actually have them pay you to go
• The one clumsy mistake Jay Abraham says 98% of all people make when creating an ad – see if you’re falling into this credibility-killing pitfall 
• The secret way Ben Gay closed his sales – you’d never catch Ben just asking for the money
• Marketing lessons you can learn from an ugly tongue contest 
• The newsletter that made Glenn $50,000 a year — the easy (almost therapeutic) way he compiled each issue and how he sold them• The hidden “bank” Glenn discovered gurus could use with their best clients – believe it or not, there’s a way you can borrow money and pay it back using products and discounts
• The number one rule you should keep in mind when telemarketing that sells prospects on their own problems and wish lists

Part Two:

Your Quick-Start Guide To The Sneaky Psychological Tactic Known As NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

When Glenn’s friend was in a poker tournament, Glenn taught him a few NLP tricks to take to the table. In the middle of the game, Glenn had his friend ask the other players about the good times in their poker careers. By anchoring those good feelings to a gesture, Glenn’s friend easily won the tournament – and his opponents never figured out they were simply playing “looser” when they were subconsciously instructed to. And in Part Two of this audio, you’ll hear exactly how he did it.

You’ll also hear…

• The basics of NLP including examples of how to create an anchor without anyone knowing it
• The weird (but effective) way Glenn used a Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue to get into a $15,000 Jay Abraham seminar for free
• A little story about the “Frankenstein Hypno Handshake” – use this handshake and Glenn says you’ll have about a minute and a half to pretty much persuade your subject to do… anything
• The Jay Abraham trick that made one gas station $800,000 more a year – by reducing their gas prices
• Why it’s so important to screen everyone (without them knowing it) and all about the quick personality test Glenn does before he’ll work with anyone
• The real “inside” truth about Jay Abraham’s Mr. X Book

Part Three:

Why You Should Never Try To Sell Prospects On Anything But What They’re Already Buying

According to Glenn, whenever you call a prospect on the phone and try to sell them on anything except what they’re already buying, they’ll just hang up on you. Everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone, and they’ll instantly tune anything out that asks them to do otherwise. So if you’re selling consulting services, tell them you can double or triple what they’re already doing. Then when you’re in there, you can approach them with something new. And in Part Three of this interview, you’ll hear how to do that along with…

• The hidden psychological trap you fall into every time you use the word “proposal” and the only phrase you should use with clients instead
• A step-by-step look at how one millionaire got a 73% response rate on his fifth direct mailing – after only getting a 1-2 percent rate the other four times! 
• The fastest known way to get prospects to part with their money… by feeding them their own pain and frustration 
• Exactly how Glenn sold his $500 newsletter subscriptions and a quick look at the elements that made them so sought-after 
• The easiest way to sell the phases of an action plan – Do this and your clients will practically beg to pay you for the next step 
• The two absolutely critical things you should look for in someone else’s handwriting – that may help you weed out back-stabbers before they can pick up their knives 
• The one book that has made Glenn more money than any other – and the one moneymaking idea you’ll be able to use from it right away 
• Simple ways to troubleshoot a fail: Depressing response to a postcard campaign? Prospects not showing up for their appointments? –They can be fixed  

Part Four:

How To Land Business Deals With Billionaires

When a billionaire calls to do business, pretend you’re too busy and reschedule for later. According to Glenn, you have to “credential” yourself like that by forcing billionaires to follow you. Otherwise, they probably won’t do business. It’s all part of the “psychological” game that works when you’re dealing with the affluent. And in Part Four of this interview, you’ll hear all about that including how Glenn helped one of his friends use NLP on Steve Jobs – and it worked despite the fact that Steve was a huge NLP user himself. The guy ended up selling his free site to Apple for millions. You’ll also hear…

• The secret way Glenn analyzed Steve Jobs’ handwriting, what he found out, and the sneaky way he used that information to “sell Steve on his own ego”
• The key strategy Glenn’s friend used to talk app developers into giving their apps away for free on his website, how he built everything up, and how he sold it for millions
• The ways you’ll want to “mimic” a billionaire when you do business with them (or anyone else) – they won’t have any clue what you’re doing, but psychologically they’ll like you right off the bat
• The NLP tricks Steve Jobs used in college to pretty much get an education for free
• The “Steve Jobs sugar packet technique” – and how a makeup girl in Nordstrom used it to quadruple her sales
• The hidden dangers of using NLP without establishing an anchor first
• The address to Glenn’s secret “invite-only” website – what you’ll find there and why he actually pays a web guy to keep it hard to find

Glenn has pretty much seen and done it all. As a worker at Jay Abraham’s seminars, he’s heard the kinds of inside secrets, tips, and tricks that go a long way in sales and marketing. He’s grilled millionaires for years on how they make their fortunes, and he’s a whiz at the “mind control” psychological tactics you can use to persuade people without them even knowing it. And in this four-part audio, you’ll hear it all.

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