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Now I am proud to tell you that I signed up my first HMA client today !!! 🙂

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From: Terrance R
Sent: November 23, 2012

Hi Michael,

After buying the Art Hamel program, I was successful in buying the travel agency with owner financing this year.

Now I am proud to tell you that I signed up my first HMA client today !!! 🙂

I am going to do a Customized Marketing System & Implementation Plan and Create a Unique Selling Proposition for them for $2000 US Dollars and then next year do the other projects for them spread out over the whole year and also launch a website for them. The client is a health and fitness center.

The new owners took over August 1st, 2012, after the previous operator let the place run down and lost a lot of members.

The new owners fix up the place with help from the landlord and they were able to recapture some lost members.

So today I did an opportunity analysis with them and signed them up for $2000 for the Fast Start Program because they want to recapture their inactive members and increase membership before the end of the year as they plan to raise their rates for the new year.

So we have to leverage the hidden assets in their existing database.

So if you’ve ever worked with a health & fitness club and you have any advice or tips for me, let me know.

Right now, I got to work on the Customized Marketing System & Implementation Plan, a USP and help produce an effective brochure for them to use in their December campaign to re-activate past memberships and sign up new members.

Thanks again Michael, Terrance R..

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