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USP Magic 00 – Overview

Come with me and let me show you around. This is a little tour of my back yard “Mini-Factory”. This was years later after I moved out from my one bedroom apartment. I was married now with two kids. But I was still making and selling pens The methods I use to make all mypen products are the same. In these photos you will see how my invisible ink pens are made. The only difference in making the id pen, my red eye pens, my vanishing ink pen, my money detector pen, fingerprint pens or any pen you make is what you put inside the pen. It’s the ink or formula you put into the pen and the size of the pen tips that will make the difference. Everything else is the works the same way. So ask your self this one question . . . What kind of pen can I invent? What problem can it solve?

Video of Juana making pens Part One

Video of Juana making pens Part Two

Video of Alma Getting The Filters Ready For Making Pens

1) This is the back of my house (My Pen Making “Mini-Factory”) All you need is a work table or work bench to make thousands of pens a day.
2) These two boxes contain enough pen parts to make 5000 pens. Small enough that you can store them in a cabinet in your garage — even in a hall closet. (5,000 pens at a $2.50 wholesale price each earns you an amazing $12,500!) Your cost for the parts about $500. Not too shabby!
3) Here’s all the parts of an invisible ink pen: Barrel, Cap, Filter, Tip, and Plug. You just put the tip into the pen top, then the filter into the pen back, ( after you get the ink in it) and the plug and cap on each end. DONE!
4) This is Alma preparing the filters for the loading of the invisible Ink. For just $21 in labor you can get about 2,000 pens completely assembled and ready to go.
5) This is probably the hardest part of the pen making process. Putting a rubber bands around the filters. You can do it!
6) Meet Alma. She was my sons baby sitter during the day back then. When my son napped, I have Alma assemble and make invisible ink pens.
7) This small jug of invisible ink will make nearly 3,000 Invisible Ink Pens.
8) It only takes about 30 seconds to load 300 filters with ink. I told you this was fast and easy.
9) Ready, set, aim. Now all you do is drop the filter into the pen barrel.
10) Then you “snap seal” your invisible ink pen with an air tight plug. You can also use a rubber mallet. I get mine from the dollar store.
11) You are looking at a bulk order for 500 invisible ink pens. This order is going out to Westerville Police Department for a crime prevention program. (A retail order like this at just $2 a pen brings you $1,000! And you can fulfill orders like this daily if you work at it.)
12) Here’s a “Clam shell” packaging I used when I would sell to retail. Your retail customers usually want a nice individual retail package. These just snap together in seconds! You don’t have to use this clam shell. You can also use a small zip lock clear bag too.
13) I routinely sell one Invisible ink pen with a small UV light for as much as $25 each. My profit is $22. You set the price as you like. It’s totally up to you. You’re in control with these huge margins. You can find all kinds of black light on line now for cheap. Check ebay. All these UV lights come in from China.
14) This is your ultra violet (UV) light. This makes the Invisible Ink “Visible”. This little light will become another source of income for your business. You’ll use this to demonstrate your Invisible Ink Pen
15) All the tools you’ll need: some tape, a glue stick, and a few other supplies for your pen business. You don’t have to have all of this to sell. This is just how I did it. You can sell the pens bulk without any fancy art. I do it this way today.
16) Here a retail counter top display box of 100 invisible ink pens. (You can wholesale this box all day long for $250 each!)

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