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Ten Client Case Studies From Richard’s Private Marketing Consulting Files.

This coaching expert didn’t create a coaching business so he could retire. He’s still out in the field selling and working his coaching business. And in this interview, you’ll hear what he’s been up to for the last couple of years along with 10 of his most recent coaching case studies that illustrate important lessons about his (HMA) Hidden Marketing Assets System.


Richard has his business down to a science and that’s probably because he knows how to close deals by showing prospects the money. According to Richard, if you can’t show decision makers where their companies are losing money, you’re just another marketing guy – and businesses are tired of those.

So in this interview, you’ll hear exactly how Richard closes his deals and where he finds his coaching clients. Believe it or not, he gets most of them from the same alliance. And at the end of the interview, Richard also answers questions from HMA students like you.

You’ll Also Hear…

  • Where to find alliances to work your coaching business with in your area – and how to consistently close deals
  • The newest coaching ideas and tips for finding new coaching business clients’ businesses
  • How Richard knew he had missed the mark on one of his USPs – and what he did to correct it
  • How Richard’s been running easy group trainings, how much he charges, and who this type of training appeals to
  • Ideas for time management – and shortcuts for coaching business success.
  • What kinds of people are the easiest to coach- and which ones you’ll probably want to avoid
  • And much more

Richard charges different clients different rates for his coaching services, and you’ll hear how he determines when to charge the big bucks and how to do it. (He made $48,000 from one recent coaching client alone!)

So sit back and listen to how this coaching business expert works his coaching magic and find out how you can leverage off of his expertise along with the combined credibility of the HMA system. HMA details here

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