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After being a HMA Client for 2 weeks I just closed my first HMA Consulting Client

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From: Carlo
To: Michael Senoff


Hey Michael,

I just wanted to tell you after being a HMA Client for 2 weeks now and I just closed my first HMA Consulting Client.

Just to give you a bit of background about myself, I’ve been doing Internet Marketing consulting for about a year with small businesses consulting for some friends.

After going through and listened to most of the audio interviews, I knew straight away that this is the thing I need for my own consulting business.

I haven’t watched the videos and training yet but I’ve been listening to your HMA University.

I closed my first HMA client combining my SEO Consulting services and HMA Opportunity Analysis to finally close a client that previously came to me for SEO help but didn’t have money to do so first.

I charged $1500 plus $50 per month for the SEO. Since he is a start up, We’re doing a 3 payment plan for the first step.

I installed a script in his site and it automatically builds reciprocal links to his site.

I’m doing a USP and SEO. He wants to work with me on long term basis and do all the marketing systems for his business.

We spoke about 2 months ago about doing SEO and Ad words work but he didn’t have money to do anything. So I gave a few pointers with site structure on Word press and Ad words Marketing. He followed my advice and he made 10 sales at a price point of $1000-$1500 for his photo booth business. So it instantly gave me credibility for helping him get to where he is at the moment.

I went through the Opportunity Analysis with him and we uncovered a lot of potential marketing opportunities that will help him grow his business.

He was an IT Consultant before he started his photo booth business. So it looks like I can get a lot of referrals from him too.

I got 2 -3 more clients that I can use the opportunity analysis on.

I haven’t even started marketing myself as a Marketing Consultant yet. So it would be really interesting once I’ve finished going through all the materials from the HMA system.

I finally have a proper system that I can use when I’m digging to find out more information from clients.

This has been a blessing for me and my family since I’ve been out of job for over a year and funds are really tight.

Thanks again for all the materials that you’ve provided at the HMA University.

Regards, Carlo.

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