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I closed the deal with my client this past Saturday

—–Original Message—–
From: Cary
To: Michael Senoff


Hello Michael,

First, I am really enjoying the hidden gold in the audio available as an HMA rep.

Last, and maybe most important, I am a professional marketing consultant. Defined by being PAID!

I believe I mentioned I had a 2nd appointment with a prospect prior to obtaining your HMA program. I closed the deal with my client this past Saturday.

The stats: 2 hour meeting to uncover their profit leaks (the Opportunity Analysis), 2 hour meeting to discuss results of the questions and how to fix the problems. In between meetings I had sent them a couple of videos I made. The day prior to the meeting I sent a sample report with a watermark showing how they could stop their prospects from signing up with their competitors.

No objections. The only question they had was if they could break up my initial payment. (of course!)

$1241 now.

$1241 in two weeks.

$1000 two weeks following.

$1000 month for 4 months.

$625 month every month until they cancel.

Annualized? $11,223

Not bad for a first deal.

I gave them a complete blueprint of what we are going to do. What’s first, etc.

I am very excited!

Just thought you’d like to know.


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