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I have had 7 appointments, managed to close 5 of them


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From: Tony
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 8:39 PM
To: Micheal Senoff
Subject: Update – Tony


Hi Michael,

Thought I fill you in on my last week’s progress.

I have had 7 appointments, managed to close 5 of them. Next week I have 3 more appointments lined up from referrals that I got during these meetings.

One motorbike dealership (sales training of staff and increase repeat business)

A prospect who owns 3 hospitals (staff sales training, reduce overheads + building new hospital and will need new patients there 7 months)

A big not for profit organization (improve conversion rate)

And a small accounting practice (improve client services)

One large home improvement company (working with the local state manager on executive coaching.)

Good success however there is a common challenge amongst all of them. That is not that they need more clients but that they lack systems to manage the existing ones.

At the moment they have hired me on the basis that I will help them mainly with staff training, operations improvement and systematization of processes, with a goal in 5-6 months start focusing on business development once we get more capacity for growth.

So good news that I am closing, but not so good that there is a delay in getting them to the point of working on marketing.

Will let you know how my next group will go next week.

Hopefully can close them on HMA system first, rather than systems first.

Regards, Tony.

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