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I have used my HMA skills to just land my first retainer client

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From: Garrity
To: Michael Senoff

Hi Michael,

Things progressing rather nicely on the HMA front for me. I have used my HMA skills to just land my first retainer client! They were thrilled with the initial consulting and now want us to do the work for them. Good stuff, but pretty regular routine stuff. I was hoping to pick your brain about two more out-of-the-ordinary opportunities.


I’m also working on another deal where we’re helping to shore up the business processes and add solid marketing plan to the mix of a business that want us to help them negotiate some franchise deals (they have people interesting in buying a franchise from them I mean, literally throwing money at them to roll out as soon as possible). So any pointers on franchises if that’s something you’ve dealt with before would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I have landed some serious marketing consulting coming up in the luxury market (a *very* up market resort). We’re engineering to get some truly high net worth individuals to some events they’re holding. Possibly even advise them to go ever higher end and start a members-only club and retreat. Do you have any pointers for working in and making an impact marketing wise in a high-end marketplace?

If you do have any pointers in franchising and/or luxury markets it’d be awesome.

Much thanks as always!


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