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I landed my first client


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From: Clayton
To: Michael Senoff


I landed my first client in September. A company owner was contacted and interested shortly after I purchased the HMA system, but he wasn’t willing to start until September.

He owns a farm chemical sales company with 15 employees and $20,000,000 in sales. I got paid $2,000 for projects 1 and 2 to start, and then collected another $2,000 in February when I finished.

We also went through the sales training materials from the HMA system and I did personality profiles on each employee. Also, sessions were digitally recorded and provided for the employer. He was pleased with the work, but during and since that time we have been interrupted by his super busy periods. I am to talk with him again late July about project 3.

I have some decent prospects for a successful furniture business, and a motorcycle sales and service business that markets worldwide. Ironically, both are more interested in the sales training and personality profiling/team building than the HMA marketing projects.


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