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I’ve booked a lot of work already


—–Original Message—–
From: S.G
To: Michael Senoff

Hi Michael,

I’ve thrown myself into the trainings and have continued my initial work on the HIMA workshops as lead generators for the HMA system. It’s going super well and I’ve booked a lot of work already. It’s a neat little self-liquidating marketing vehicle.

So far, I’ve set up a course that helps arts & craft entrepreneurs market themselves online. Later in the year we’ll be doing similar course for social care entrepreneurs in England, plus we have a social media workshop for recruitment people, and I had a meeting this afternoon about running workshops for the hospitality sector. I really have been kind of blown away by how quickly I’ve managed to get things rolling.

The question though is related to some straight up consulting work that I’ve managed to embed myself into. A good friend of mine is a world-class branding expert who recently went out on his own and who has asked me to help him out with an interior design client who has been doing well and wants to get a range of furniture up and running and turn their business into more of a business that perhaps they could sell at a later date.

My own consulting experience before the HMA has been pretty much in that area – and my (in progress) working motto has been “marketing logic for talent-based business” – I’ve worked in the past with artists, record labels, stand up comedians, special effects hours, illustrators etc. So it’s in my wheelhouse, that’s for sure. I’ve been out of the loop for a few years because of family obligations, but I’m super excited about getting back in the saddle by integrating the HMA system at the core of my offering.

Any feedback greatly appreciated!

– S.G

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