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My biggest problem right now is I have too much work

I’ve been thinking of writing you but haven’t taken the opportunity.

I’m not really following the system per se but here’s what I’ve done.

1. Signed a client for $500 a month for Marketing Coaching. What I did there is I sent my version of the opportunity analysis as a first step and then I simply took him through one step a month. I would send the step in worksheet format then have a 1-hour phone call each week to answer any questions and provide accountability.  This client lasted 4 months and then had to stop. Still, touches base with me and says will start back up soon. He has an online furniture business

2. Sold an Assisted Living Facility my “360 Degree Marketing Analysis” (My Term for the Program) which lead to an upsell of a website, video package and monthly SEO. Total $25,000 If you’d like to see the site it is We did everything you see there including the copy. As a matter of fact the client actually cried in my office and said out of all 40 years he’s been in business this is the finest product any vendor has ever supplied him. He built the ALF from the ground up and I think it touched him that we were able to capture the true essence and heart of the facility.

3. Sold a Sinkhole Contractor the “360 Degree Marketing Analysis” and that lead to a website, SEO, Adwords Management, monthly consulting and we have some videos in production now. Monthly consulting for this client is $1050 monthly. Total not including the monthly is somewhere around $20,000. You can see this website at Again, everything you see here is our work. As a matter of fact…. they were just approached by a production company about doing a reality tv show around sinkholes and the sinkhole industry. When asked how they ended up approaching them the client told me it was because of the website and their overall web presence.

4. Currently working with a large Braille company that has purchased a “360” – they’ve signed on for the website but we haven’t started. The beauty of the 360 is that it establishes credibility with the customer during the consulting process and really makes the upsets easy.

5. Currently working with a non-profit that has purchased the “360”. They provide instruments and music classes to underprivileged kids.

6. Currently working with a neurologist, wheel and tire company, 4 attorneys, a truck topper company, and…. All these have a combination of a monthly consulting/SEO package. What I do here is provide site analytics, call tracking, and video recordings of the client’s web site visitor browsing sessions plus a monthly consulting call. I charge $250 a month for the analytics and $500 a month for the consulting which is a 1-hour virtual meeting each month to tell the client what all of that analytics mean. At this point, there is some kind of recommendation (upsell) from me for our their services.

There’s more. But all in all, Michael though you can tell I have a varied skill set it was the HMA system that got me thinking differently about my whole approach. By selling the analytics/consulting it puts me in a position where I am not having to “sell” the customer. I have found that just walking someone through the questions of the opportunity analysis (again mine’s evolved) usually leaves them with “wow that guy really knows his stuff”. They equate good questions with competence and it builds credibility. Also, to be honest, I also think that there’s a little bit of embarrassment on their part because the analysis exposes all the things they are not doing which kind of makes the fact they need help stand out front and center. Anyway, most of the time unless there’s a real money issue the client will purchase whatever I recommend. Because we do the analytics each month we’re also able to demonstrate the effectiveness of each product and show the ROI which just keeps them spending more money. As an example, we’ve been able to demonstrate to our Sinkhole company a per lead acquisition cost of $13.50 which is down from $72 per lead just 5 months ago. We’ve helped them put 3 million on the books in the last 6 months. When this company gets calls from outside vendors who want to sell advertising, SEO etc they give them my number and tell them all marketing goes through me. So, I’m the guy.

My biggest problem right now is I have too much work. Hoping to hire a PA next month after I get back from vacation.

I could go on and on but I’m on a deadline for a project and then dine with the fam. Be happy to share more with you some time. It’s also crossed my mind more than once that I at least owe you dinner. So, toss me youPayPalal or the name of your fav restaurant where I could buy a gift card and I’d love to say thanks.


Rodger McFarland

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