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They are going to save about $2000 per Month

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From: Dave
To: Michael Senoff


I did close my HVAC guy and he is tough to work with because he is also a technician and if they get potential call about a high-priced installation, we have to reschedule.

Unfortunately, I had to work on some of the steps because he has been in the field. I will send you over the basic USP premise and see what you think. The questions they get asked the most actually surprised me that no one is advertising it.

Everyone asks if they are licensed, bonded and insured, and how long they have been in business. Out of all the yellow page ads I saw, only one company prominently mentions that they are insured (they are actually required to be insured to be licensed). It reminded me of Claude Hopkins and Schlitz beer.

So the insurance will be mentioned in the USP along with experience, open on weekends, 90% of repairs fixed the same day, phones answered 24/7 by a live company rep (no answering service), technicians will respect their homes and treat them as if it were their own, and a couple other things.

I set-up the Kall8 and got them 3 local numbers to track radio, TV, and  a month since I have shown them what is working and not working.

Thanks, Dave.

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