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“This Is Exciting Work For Me”

—–Original Message—–
From: BM
To: Michael Senoff

Hi Michael,

Things are going really well. After a dry spell of almost 5 years in my software consulting business, I now have an ongoing client that is providing a service to a large grocery store out there in your area. That’s a good thing.

But – the exciting thing is my marketing/business consulting gig(s)! I have a client doing 7 or 8 projects with me. The client is a hair salon. It is an upscale salon serving the people who are in the middle income kind of bracket, with hair, nails, waxing and so forth.

In the process of talking with the owner, she let me know a lot of things about the business itself, and its health. So, I’ve taken some of the role of business advisor as well as building an expanded marketing program with her. We’re currently working on her USP, although she actually has one, as we realized one day last week.

Our goal at the salon is to increase customer worth about 10% and increase number of customers about the same amount. This will take the business from about 750K to 1 MILLION per year and make her actually profitable. The interesting about a salon is that each of the cosmetologists who work there is actually a small business within the salon, so I’m working with them, too (as part of my work with the salon) to market each of them in various ways, so they have an increase in their income as their client bases grow.

And since I have a lifetime of computer software knowledge and internet marketing knowledge, I’m helping her get a stronger presence online and helping to add an online store on her site, as well.

I’ve also started building relationships for joint-venturing between the salon and two other local businesses. They are all open and interested in the concept and we’re planning to have a couple of things started and going by the end of the month. The joint-venture conversations are actually creating consulting opportunities for me, too.

This is exciting work for me, because I’m able to utilize practically everything I know in working with the salon.

So – again – thanks for asking, Michael! Things are great!

Happily! BM.

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